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Richard Keele and Nancy McCullough Pioneer History

Richard John Keele was born November 7, 1786 Henry County, Virginia to John Keele and Nancy Palmer, married 8 September 1808 to Nancy Eleanor McCullough born 14 April 1790 Rockingham, Richmond, North Carolina to Thomas McCullough.

1843 July 3-5 “At a special conference of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, held at the grove, near the Temple, it was decided that the following elders go on a special mission to the following counties in the state of Illinois.” Samuel Keele to Jefferson, John Keele to Perry. (Times and Seasons, Vol.4, Pg.240.)

1846 January 9 Richard and Nancy Keele- Endowments Nauvoo Temple.

Richard Keele and Nancy McCullough endowment document Nauvoo Temple

Richard Keele Property Map in Nauvoo

Owned property T7R6, sec 16-80 Acres, T7R6 sec 18-100 Acres in Hancock County.

1851 Iowa State Census Pottawattamie County Richard 61, Ellen 63, Susan 18.

1853 June 15- 9 September Keele family came to Salt Lake City, Utah in the Henry Bryant Manning Jolley Ox Team Company.

1856 State Census Payson City, Utah County, Utah.

1856 November 11 Death of Nancy Keele in Payson, Utah.

1860 Census Utah Territory, Sanpete County, North Bend (Moroni) next to son Samuel.

1870 Census Harmony, Kane County, Utah age 83, alone.

1874 voted to join United Order: Richard J Keel, Henry Keel, and Mary Keel (Heart Throbs of the West, Kate B. Carter, Vol.4, p.7.

1877 November 17 Death of Richard Keele at Mt. Carmel, Kane County, Utah (Andrew Jensen)

Veteran of the Indian War

"Richard, his wife, and some of the children moved to Nauvoo after joining the Church. When they came west, they traveled with their son-in-law, Jeremiah Bingham , their daughter Sarah's husband. Sarah had died previously. Richard's youngest daughter married Jeremiah after Sarah's death. After arriving in the Valley, Richard and Nancy moved to Payson where she died. Sometime after her death, Richard moved to Mt. Carmel where he died. He was a farmer and was also a veteran of the Indian Wars." --Elaine Schofield

Daughter Mary Keele
born 24 May 1810 Bedford County, Tennessee and died 1870/1880 Macoupin, Illinois, married Augustine Pittsford 9 November 1836. Children: Peter Louis Pittsford abt 1837, Granville Pittsford abt 1839, Rufus Pittsford abt 1842, Amana Pittsford abt 1844, Austen Pittsford abt 1847, Laura Pittsford abt 1849, Martha Pittsford abt 1852. 1850 Census Green County, Illinois, 1860, 1870, 1880 Census Macoupin county, Illinois. Augustine dies 1860/1870.

Son Jacob Keele born 6 March 1812 Bedford County, Tennessee, died 4 Jan 1830 Greene
County, Illinois.

Daughter Elizabeth Keele
born 18 February 1814 Bedford County, Tennessee.

Samuel Keele PhotoSon Samuel Keele born 21 January 1816 Bedford County, Tennessee and died 5 Apr 1897.
More information at Samuel Keele and Annie Elizabeth Hess Pioneer History Blog.

Son John Keele born 18 December 1817 Bedford County, Tennessee and died 7 Apr 1847.

Daughter Sarah Keele born 10 April 1820, Bedford County, Tennessee and married 15 February 1846 at Mt. Pisgah Jeremiah Bingham born 15 Jun 1806 in Cornwall, Addison, Vermont to Jeremiah and Mary Ives Bingham. Children: Jeremiah Bingham born 6/10 June 1847 and died 14 January 1898 in Sanford, Conejos, Colorado; Abigail Aurora Bingham born 19 Aug 1848 and died 23 May 1927 in Burley, Cassia, Idaho; Sarah Ellenor Bingham born 15 Apr 1850 and died 9 Apr 1936 in Lyman, Wayne, Utah; Augustus Bingham born 8 Feb 1852 and died as an infant. The children were all born at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Sarah died 8 February 1852 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa in childbirth.

Jeremiah Bingham temple endowment record Nauvoo

Jeremiah Bingham and children arrived in Salt Lake 9 Sep 1853 with the Daniel A Miller & John W. Cooley Company. 1850 Census Pottawattamie County, Iowa Jeremiah 44 Blacksmith, Sarah 30, Lucinda, 13, Margaret 10, Jeremiah 3, Abigail 2, Sarah 6/12, Alonzo 18, Lewis 15, Adeline 13, Amos 10. 1860 Census Payson, Utah Territory Jeremiah 54 Blacksmith, Mary 27, Minerva 34, and twelve children. 1870 Census Jeremiah 63 farmer, Minerva 47, and seven children. 1880 Census Jeremiah 74 Blacksmith, Minerva 55, and 4 children. Jeremiah died 06 May 1890 in Payson, Utah, Utah and is buried in the Payson City Cemetery 6-14-6.

His first wife Abigail Harrington born 25 January 1812 in Younge, Leeds, Ontario, Canada whom he married 2 Feb 1829 in Brockville, Leeds, Ontario, Canada died 8 Jun 1843. Children: Perry Calvin Bingham born 1830 and died as a child, Amos Oscar Bingham born 1832 and died as a child, Clarinda Bingham born 1834, Lucinda Bingham born 24 Sep 1837 and died 14 Mar 1905, Margaret Melvina Bingham born 7 Nov 1840 and died 8 Apr 1926, Polly Bingham born 1842 and died as a child, John Bingham born 1843 and died as a child.

Married 3rd: Susan Keele about 1858, born 15 Sep 1832 and died 10 Mar 1859 , Payson, Utah, Utah. Children: Alpheus Bingham born 19 Feb 1859 and died 20 Sep 1927 .

Married 4th: Minerva Dixon about 1855, born 13 Nov 1826 and died 2 Oct 1912. Children: Joseph Henry Bingham born 8 Jan 1856 and died 14 Jan 1943. Melinda Sarah Bingham born 14 Feb 1859 and died 7 Sep 1902. Minerva Jane Bingham born 22 Sep 1862 and died 24 Mar 1949. Charles Richard Bingham, born 10 May 1865 and died 20 May 1910. Mary Louise Bingham, born 30 Jan 1868 and died 10 Oct 1868, and Alonza Bingham born 11 Feb 1869 and died 23 Sep 1869. Minerva died 2 October 1912 in Garland, Box Elder, Utah, buried at Payson City Cemetery.

Married 5th: Mary Reese 27 Mar 1857 who was born 4 September 1833 and died 27 September 1868. Children: Hyrum Bingham born 19 Feb 1858. Susan Colista Bingham born 6 Feb 1860 and died 3 June 1922. Georgiana Bingham 19 Oct 1862, James Perry Bingham born 7 Sep 1864 and died 1 September 1873, and Mary Larina Bingham born 8 Oct 1868. James Bingham, an Indian boy raised by the family.

Jeremiah was the youngest of 10 children. After the Revolutionary War, his parents were unable to support their large family so some of the children were "bound out," as it was called. Jeremiah was bound out to a man who was very unkind to him. He remained there until he could no longer tolerate the abuse and he ran away. He went to live with one of his brothers. After joining the Church, he married Abigail Harrington. She had six children but only two of them lived. He was a close friend of the Prophet, being about the same age. They both enjoyed wrestling together. When the saints left Nauvoo, Jeremiah and his family left too. His first wife had died so he married again in Iowa. She died after the birth of their fourth child. He later married Susan, a sister to Sarah. Jeremiah was a blacksmith by trade and each night on the trip west, he would repair the wagons and do other blacksmithing jobs. After arriving in Utah , they settled first in Ogden, then a year later moved south to Payson where he assisted in building the fort. In 1856 he was called on a mission to help settle Fort Bridger, Wyoming. They stayed there until Johnston's Army came, at which time they returned to Payson. Shortly before their return to Payson, Alexander Keele, a brother-in-law of Jeremiah, had been killed by the Indians, leaving a small family. When Jeremiah arrived in Payson, the bishop asked him to marry the widow, Minerva, and support her and her children. He lived a long active life, helping others and the church.
. --Elaine Schofield

Son Alexander Keele
born 25 February 1822 Bedford, Bedford, Tennessee, married Manerva Dixon 23 Mar 1841 Greene, Greene, IL, had 4 children John Wesley Keele 1842-1906, Frances Alma Keele 1843-1873, Henry Jefferson Keele 1846-1890, William Dabney Keele 1849-1931, and Alexander Keele 1852-1918. Alexander died 18 Jul 1853 in Payson, Utah, buried in Payson City Cemetery 6-14-5. Wife remarried to Jeremiah Bingham. First white man killed in the Chief Walker War, Monument to him in Payson, U. --by Marlene Keele Smith 12 Nov 1990

Son Richard Keele born 25 Mar 1824 Bedford County, Tennessee and died 11 Dec 1843 Nauvoo, Illinois.

Son Dabney Uel Keele born 15 Septempber 1826 Bedford County, Tennessee and died 21 July 1902. Married Elizabeth Ann Bracken 11 May 1851 Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Children: Elizabeth Elenor Keele 1851, Richard Levi Keele 1851, William Augustus Keele 1852-1924, Susan Lucretia Keele 1854-1924, Julia Galista Keele 1857-1926, Dabney Alexander Keele 1860-1937, Parna Ann Keele 1861-1916, Charles Robert Keele 1864-1933, James Edward Keele 1867-1940, Martha Jane Keele 1870-1951, Elizabeth Ellen Keele 1871-, Mary Charlotte Keele 1872-1937.

Son Thomas Henry
Keele born 15 August 1829 Green County, Illinois, died 15 Jan 1915 Neola, Duchesne, Utah and married Mary Angeline Jolley (1834-1918) about 1852 Salem, Utah. Children: Nancy Eleanor Britanna Keele 1853-1933, Susan Elizabeth Keele 1854-1938, Henry Thomas Keele 1857-1900, Mary Angeline Keele 1859-1947, William Wesley Keele 1861-1924, Richard Bryant Keele 1864-1939, John Hyrum Keele 1867-1931, Alice Frances Keele 1869-1897, Nephi Manning Keele 1872-1963, Cynthia Ann Keele 1875-1970, Margretta Emily Keele 1877-1913.

Daughter Susan Keele born 15 September 1832 Green County, Illinois. Married Jeremiah Bingham about 1858 and died 10 Mar 1859 after childbirth. Came with Bingham family across plains. Susan buried Payson City Cemetery 17-8-6A. Child: Alpheus Bingham born 19 February 1859 and died 20 September 1927.